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Dentist Salary from a Start

All statistical sources give the information about median dentist salary. However, many students are interested how much they can earn right after the graduation, in their first years of practice. Starting dentist salary is quite variable, there are many factors that have influence on it. Your degree, specialization, work setting, location will define your dentist salary rate.

Dentist Salary: First Stages

You have to remember the fact that everything happens gradually. You cannot get big bucks right from the start! Of course, dentist salary for new-comers will be lower as compared with experienced professionals Prepare for hard work and gaining experience. After several years you'll be able to get twice as much as you had!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, new-comers to the field of dentistry earn around $69,790 on the first stages of their careers. It means that dentist salary is $33,55 per hour.

Dentist Salary Depending on Work Setting

Some work settings are more profitable than others when we talk about starting dentist salary. That's why you have to study statistics, and only then look for a job. The settings that pay the highest dentist salary are the following:
  • dental offices
  • federal executive branch
  • general medical and surgical hospitals

Dentist Salary Depending on Specialization

If your specialization is orthodontics, you will also earn good salary. On average, be ready for the starting dentist salary of $102,150 per year, which is $49,11 on the hourly scale. Some states pay even higher salaries for orthodontists! They are Virginia, South Carolina, Nevada, Nebraska, and Minnesota. So check these states for employment opportunities when you look for a job!

What about prosthodontists? How much can they make? Actually, working at the dentist office predetermines the best salary for this occupation. Here you can expect to earn about $40,290 a year and $19,37 an hour. However, you can still expect to get anywhere between $20-$25 per hour!

Starting dentist salary is rather variable, however, it is big enough to make a good living and enjoy your job!

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  1. Thank you so much for this valuable information. I always wondered how much dentists make. I go to a dentist in Omaha, and they seem well enough off, so I was curious. Thanks again for this information.